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On duty during the night watch in Operation Atalanta

Author: Jussi Virkkunen | Published: 25.2.2011 | Updated: 4.12.2012

Sergeant Juho, working in the combat centre, wakes up in his scone at 11.30 p.m.

The reason for this odd moment to wake up is that for Juho, the night watch, which lasts from midnight to 4 a.m is at hand.

Before starting his night watch, Juho is heading for the food department, where a night meal is served for the night watches, but day watches can be spotted there as well, before they go to sleep.

Finnish Navy Ship Pohjanmaa participates in Operation Atalanta operating in three watches. In practice this means that one watch is working for four hours at a time and after that he is off duty for eight hours.

The corridors on the ship are getting empty at midnight, when the major part of the crew is heading for their beds. In the messes of the mine deck, some of the crewmembers, who have finished their watch, are sitting having a night meal. When Juho comes out of the combat centre for a short break to fetch some coffee, the corridors are totally empty. In the pantry, however, the next night meal, which will be served shortly before 4 a.m., is already being prepared.

In addition to the combat centre, another place where the watches work is naturally in the wheel house. Behind the barrier door in the engine control room, you will find two engineers at work. They are observing the engines and performing routine tasks, which are always carried out at night.

Close to four in the morning, those who have the next watch come in. Before the watches are relieved, they tell the next ones about the occurrences during the night watch.

Juho and the others are heading for their scones. Once again they have four hours of Operation Atalanta behind them. In front of them there still lie many watches until FNS Pohjanmaa will be heading for Finland.

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Last updated 04.12.2012