Remember the Military Museum in Helsinki during your summer holiday

Do visit also the different sites of the Military Museum in Helsinki this summer! The Military Museum is open during the summer and there are exhibitions on the Suomenlinna fortress island as well as in Kruununhaka.

In summer 2012 visitors to Suomenlinna have the possibility of visiting the updated exhibition From Autonomy to Atalanta – an exhibition on Finnish military history. The approximately 1,000 square metre exhibition gives visitors the possibility of simultaneously viewing weapons and other equipment from bronze cannons to modern-day weaponry. To be seen are the medals of honour of Lauri Törni, President Mauno Koivisto's light machine gun from the Continuation War, an MTO-66 anti-ship missile, as well as a Somali pirate boat captured during the Atalanta Operation along with the pirates' assault rifles and much more. The public also has the opportunity of trying on a Defence Forces' M/05 uniform.

Three lines of the exhibition From Autonomy to Atalanta

The exhibition From Autonomy to Atalanta depicts Finnish war history and the history of the Defence Forces of independent Finland. The exhibition consists of three lines; military showcase, heavy equipment and multilingual historical panels. The exhibition also includes three special showcases and an activity section.

The long uniform showcase displays military figures from an "old time" soldier during the time of Russian rule to modern-day peacekeepers with real uniforms and equipment. In addition to the mannequins, one should also notice the unique additional material in the showcase, such as the memorial cross of the first fallen jaeger.

In the heavy equipment line, the materiel ranges from 500-year-old cannons to material from the Atalanta Operation. The exhibition includes among other things a boat and weapons used by Somali pirates. Other materiel to be mentioned is e.g. the legendary 88 mm anti-aircraft gun, a horse-drawn soup cannon, a Vickers tank and more modern materiel such as the Russian-made MTO-66 anti-ship missile and a quad bike.

The special showcases hold some of the Military Museum's most famous objects, such as "Emma", the light machine gun used by President Mauno Koivisto during the war, as well as the decorations of the legendary Lauri Törni.

In the activity section, it is possible to try on the equipment of soldiers from the different eras. The public also has the opportunity to try on the M/05, which is the newest combat uniform.

Opening hours of the Military Museum

From Autonomy to Atalanta - an exhibition on Finnish military history. Open daily 1100-1800 from 12 May to 31 October 2012.

When visiting Suomenlinna, remember to visit also another Military Museum site, the submarine Vesikko, a unique museum vessel also on a world scale. Vesikko is open to the public daily from 1100-1800 until the end of August.

At the Military Museum in Kruununhaka the Winter War 1939–1940 - Our Days of Honour and in connection with it the Continuation War Through the Eyes of IC Company Illustrators - a special exhibition open to the public also during the summer. The exhibition is open Tuesday to Thursday 1100-1700 and Friday to Sunday 1100-1600. The address is Liisankatu 1.

For children under school age, school groups with a teacher, war veterans, Defence Forces' personnel and conscripts entry into Military Museum sites is free of charge.

Welcome to the Military Museum!

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Updated 14.6.2012. Published 7.6.2012