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Finnish Air Force

The mission of the Finnish Air Force is to ensure the continuous surveillance and policing of the nation’s airspace along with the building and maintenance of a real-time air picture. Airspace violations will be prevented by force if necessary.

The primary wartime mission is defensive counter-air fighter operations. Other essential missions include the maintenance of a round-the-clock quick reaction alert (QRA) capability and training of war-time troops.



The Finnish Air Force 2.9.2014

Air Force Contributes to Navy-hosted Northern Coasts 2014 Combined Exercise

The Northern Coasts 2014 (NOCO14) exercise commenced in late August and is set to continue until September 11. In addition to Finnish Army and Air Force units, exercise assets include aircraft from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and the United States. The Finnish Air Force has assigned a single Boeing F/A-18 Hornet and small detachments flying  BAE Systems Hawks and Learjets to participate in exercise air operations.

The Finnish Air Force 28.8.2014

Suspected Airspace Violation by Russian Aircraft

A suspected violation of Finnish airspace by a Russian An-72 transport occurred today between 1208 and 1212 hours, marking the third event of its kind within a one-week period. A Defence Forces picture taken by the identifying aircraft pilot in Finnish airspace is shown above.


The Finnish Air Force 30.5.2014

Finnish Air Force enhanced F/A-18 Hornets’ new capabilities in Germany

Three Finnish Air Force F/A-18 Hornet multi-role fighters took part in the combined Joint Air Warfare Tactical Exercise (JAWTEX) in Germany in May. The overall objective of the exercise was to practice operations between multinational air detachments in cooperation with army and navy units.

The Finnish Air Force 2.5.2014

Careers in Aviation Days open the doors of the Finnish Air Force bases to the public and provide information on career opportunities for visitors

Careers in Aviation Days organised by the Air Force units enable the public to take a closer look at the service’s operation and equipment. The public is also told about the Air Force's conscript training and related special courses like the Pilot Reserve Officer Course and Aircraft Maintenance Course. Access is free-of-charge.

The Finnish Air Force 2.5.2014

Hornet Pilot Mikko Fingerroos's Display Routine is More than Mere Aerobatics

"Since the Hornet is a combat aircraft, I wish to show off its air combat maneuvering capabilities as much as possible," Fingerroos lifts veil over his plans for the coming display season, having prepared his routine first mentally and then in the simulator before blasting off in his jet.

The Finnish Air Force 26.3.2014

Brigadier General Kim Jäämeri Assumes Command of the Air Force

The Commander of the Finnish Air Force, Major General Lauri Puranen, will transfer to the reserve on 1 April 2014. His successor Brigadier General Kim Jäämeri assumes command of the Air Force in the change of command ceremony to be held in Luonetjärvi Garrison in Tikkakoski on 31 March 2014.

The Finnish Air Force 27.4.2014

Finnish Air Force to Participate in Frisian Flag 2014

The Finnish Air Force will deploy six of its Boeing F/A-18 Hornet multirole fighters to the exercise to be held in the Netherlands. Finland's exercise objectives are the further bettering of the Air Force's interoperability and the service's preparedness for crisis management operations.

The Finnish Air Force 24.2.2014

Nordic Air Exercise over Iceland Brought to Successful Close

The flying phase of the Iceland Air Meet 2014 exercise that commenced on February 3 has ended. The event, which took place under the umbrella of the NORDEFCO cooperation structure, met all its objectives. While most exercise personnel returned home on February 21, complete redeployment will take approximately one week.

The Finnish Air Force 6.3.2014

Finnish Air Force Celebrates its Anniversary Last Time with Major General Puranen at the Helm

The Finnish Air Force celebrates its anniversary on March 6 every year. On that day back in 1918, Finland's Aviation Force received its very first airplane, a donation made by the Swedish Count von Rosen. At 96, the Air Force is among the oldest independent air services in the world.  

The Finnish Air Force 11.2.2014

Military Service behind Big Wheel?

Conscripts who have passed the Air Force Vehicle Operator Course have a unique opportunity of carrying out a range of independent airfield operations related driving duties or other assigned tasks in the Movement and Transportation Sections of service units. Upon completion of military service they are proud holders of a Category BECE driving license, and they have also obtained a basic vocational qualification that authorizes them to drive articulated vehicles in civilian life.

The Finnish Air Force 17.12.2013

Career as Fighter Aircraft Maintainer

Apprentice aircraft maintainers receive their training in the Air Force Academy in Tikkakoski. Right now it is time to apply for a NCO Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training Course. Send your application via a special application procedure and let the Air Force see what stuff you are made of.


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