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Restricted areas

Information for persons and vessels operating in, or moving through, restricted areas within Finland's territorial waters.


  • 30.09.2015 - The Finnish Air Force

    2,400 Airmen and Fifty Aircraft Gear up for Air Force's 2015 Main Exercise

    A live air operations exercise under the name of Livex-2015 is set to take place between October 5 and 9 and extend over the nation's entire territory. Most of this year's refresher training in the Air Force will be merged with the exercise that will involve around 1,500 reservists, 800 active duty personnel, and approximately one hundred conscripts and will be conducted under the direction of the Commander of the Air Force, Major General Kim Jäämeri.

  • Conscription call-ups

Chief of Defence

General Jarmo Lindberg leads the Finnish Defence Forces.

General Officers

Meet the generals and admirals of the Finnish Defence Forces.