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Restricted areas

Information for persons and vessels operating in, or moving through, restricted areas within Finland's territorial waters.


  • 17.06.2015 - The Finnish Air Force

    Finnish Air Force Has Verified Its Air-to-Ground Capability

    The Finnish Air Force conducted air-to-ground test firing at Rovajärvi firing range in Lapland from 8 to 12 June 2015. Missions were carried out by Hornet multi-role fighters using JDAM-equipped bombs. The objective was to verify the operability and efficiency of the weapon system against various targets and to test a logistic chain, operating principles, and instructions. Satakunta Air Command was in charge of firing supported by Lapland Air Command.

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Chief of Defence

General Jarmo Lindberg leads the Finnish Defence Forces.

General Officers

Meet the generals and admirals of the Finnish Defence Forces.